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Adventures in Foodland - Bacon wrapped meatloaf with polenta cakes

June 26, 2013 at 09:22 PM | categories: Culinary Capers | View Comments

I decided to spruce up some leftovers by adding bacon. Yup, because I'm creative like that. Yesterday I made some meatloaf and polenta, which was different from the usual meatloaf and mashed pototatoes. I don't usually like to cook single or two person servings, so I ended up with half a meatloaf and a bunch of leftover polenta. I spread the polenta into half inch thick sheets on some glassware to cool. This resulted in a nice polenta cake that I could slice into smaller portions.

I wrapped some slices of meatloaf in bacon and pan fried those first to render out some bacon fat. I finished the heat up process of the meatloaf in my toaster oven. I then coated the polenta cakes in some flour and pan fried them. Half an inch is a nice thickness because you can get a crust on them quickly and have them heated through after the crust is done.

I don't normally just blanch asparagus, but that was done mostly for pictorial purposes. Blanching vegetables brings out their colour better, even though the flavour isn't. My roasted asparagus from the previous night had garnered a rather dingy, pale green colour and wasn't all that pleasant to look at.

To top it off, I added some butter to the remaining bacon fat (waste not, want not!) and sweatted down some julienned onions. I tossed in some flour to make a roux and chicken stock to make a gravy. Salt and pepper to taste.

Results with some 10 second plating (because I was hungry dammit): IMG_0921

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