Random Geekery

I suppose you navigated your way here to find out a little more about me. I am a Vancouver-based web developer currently working for Speed Shift Media. Should you be interested in networking, my LinkedIn profile is here.

I spent a few years at SFU, attaining a degree in Computing Science. I like to think I learned some things, both from the department and while being active in the Computing Science Student Society.

I am an avid hockey fan and follow the Vancouver Canucks, although I do enjoy attending local major junior hockey games to see the next generation of hockey stars. So far I've lived through 3 lockouts, 2 heart breaking Cup runs (and subsequent riots) and a twisted appreciation for the art of goaltending.

I am also a hobbyist photographer. My Flickr page is located here. Nature photography is what I enjoy the most, but I seek to make things interesting rather than artistic.